Dorcas Casey

2019 QEST Tom Helme Scholar - Sculpture

Bristol-based artist and sculptor Dorcas has exhibited at Banksy’s Dismaland Bemusement Park and her sculptural costumes have appeared in prestigious galleries, including Hauser & Wirth in Somerset, and at Glastonbury Festival in 2016.

Many of Dorcas’ pieces are created from textiles coated in resin, which forms a rich, tactile surface and she is also fascinated by finishes that can be achieved through bronze casting. With her QEST Tom Helme Scholarship, Dorcas received 40 days of tuition with sculptor Ian Middleton, experiencing every stage of the ancient lost wax casting process at his Dorset studio.

Small-scale foundries are increasingly rare, as is the tradition of artists casting their own work. Learning mould-making, wax casting, bronze pouring, finishing and fettling will allow me to translate my sculptures into bronze and for this traditional technique to influence my contemporary art practice.