Frances Pinnock

2017 QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholarship - Leatherwork

Frances’ work is immersive and many layered and explores ancient craft practices upon skin as a medium within sculpture. She currently makes with a rare form of leather produced by the last remaining English Oak bark tannery, J & F J Bakers of Colyton, Devon. It is a slow and natural tannage that allows marks, scars and life lines to be read upon the material’s surface, creating beautiful depths and tones within her work.

Frances received her QEST Garfield Weston Foundation Scholarship in 2017 for one to one training in the craft of traditional hand welted shoemaking. She divides her time between her own artistic practice and work as a leather craftsman for London’s finest West End shoemakers.

My current practice explores the properties of oak within the ancient alchemy of leather tanning and ink making. My prints and sculptures demonstrate the effect of time on natural materials, each action performed by hand in honour of making traditions and material provenance.