Joanne Dawson

2022 QEST Prince's Foundation Scholar - Building Arts Programme

Joanne is an artist based in Glasgow, working across traditional craft disciplines. Craft based practices are integral to her work, taking inspiration from the built environment and architectural details. She strives for an understanding through making, with an interest in how work in the public realm can be utilised as a tool for storytelling. Such explorations have led Joanne to embroidery, wood-working and mosaics, in which she has developed a strong visual language. Joanne graduated from the Glasgow School of Art in 2015. Her most significant work to date is, ‘Queen’s Park Mural’, a permanent public mosaic located on the Southside of Glasgow.

Joanne is taking part in the Building Arts Programme 2022, run in collaboration with The Prince’s Foundation. She hopes to consolidate her skills in addition to working collaboratively with other like-minded craftspeople. It is important for Joanne to produce work of a high standard which uses appropriate and sustainable materials, aiming for an ambitious and rewarding output that lifts up those around her.

Image credits: Malcolm Cochrane, Sally Jubb, Jassy Earl and Daniel Cook.

I recognise the importance of preserving craft and the conservation of buildings for future generations. Through my personal work, I am interested in how imagery and iconography can be disseminated differently through permanence as opposed to that of an art gallery of museum. I want to produce work of high quality which has multiple lives and uses.