Katalina Caliendo

2019 QEST Allchurches Trust Scholar - Ceramics

Katalina considers clay a material for both creating aesthetically interesting art objects and for facilitating vital explorations of our relationship to and place within, the material and natural world.

Her ‘sympoiesis’ vessels, created using porcelain mixed with mycelium and yeast and left unfired, are living sculptures which continue to change and transform. For her imbrication and coppiced works, finger-sized pieces are removed from one lump of clay and placed in overlapping layers; a single process which generates two separate forms – one through accumulation of mass and one through reduction – stimulating discussions on the connection between the human built environment and nature.

Katalina is continuing her innovative investigations of clay on a Masters course in Ceramics and Glass at the Royal College of Art. A QEST Scholarship will fund her additional research, including up to 5 site specific field-work projects throughout the UK in rural natural areas to excavate and transport materials to be incorporated into her ceramic sculptures.

I draw inspiration from collaborative making processes and inter-woven dynamics that exist in nature. I intend to continue to research how craft facilitates vital explorations with our relationship to the world and how we situate ourselves within it.