Philip Walker

2020 QEST Carpenters’ Company Scholar - Wood Sculpture

Philip began his career as an arborist, before turning to wood sculpture using a variety of timber species, particularly English oak. He creates seating and feature sculptures with emphasis on the form, flow and texture of the design. A range of tools are employed to achieve his desired effects, from a chainsaw to a gouge and mallet, and he adds texture and contrast by scorching. Philip has worked as a sculpture assistant for accomplished sculptor and furniture maker, Alison Crowther, for five years, learning the skills and vision to create large scale works.  

Philip’s QEST Scholarship will fund further training alongside Alison Crowther where he will learn new carving techniques and a greater understanding of tools, equipment and related processes. He hopes that these skills will enable him to become a full-time maker and develop his own individual carving style. His goal is to produce large scale works in the private and public sectors that will be easily recognised as his. 

The aim of my work is to provide a form from which the natural beauty of wood can be displayed, and to take advantage of the materials characteristics though carving and texture.