Rauni Higson

2021 QEST Scholar - Silversmithing

Rauni studied Silversmithing, Goldsmithing and Design for 3 years at the Lahti Design Institute in Finland before returning to the UK in 1995 to study at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. She launched her business – Rauni Higson Silversmith – in 1997 and focuses on designing and making large scale silverware, of both a sculptural and functional nature. She was chairman of the Contemporary British Silversmiths (2014-17).

QEST funding will enable Rauni to study with three master craftsmen: Tony Bedford, Rod Kelly and Clive Burr. This will allow her to develop her skills in flat hammering and tray sinking. With Rod she will produce large scale dishes, working with a special jig that Rod designed for such work, and with Clive she will practice fine machining skills, lathe work, milling and PUK welding. She aspires to increase output from her studio, working on bigger-scale, more intricate and ornate pieces.   

Silver is a magical material that responds to light like nothing else, except perhaps the moon. It has entranced humans forever and its extraordinary malleability means that almost any form that can be imagined can be realised, with enough time, skill and patience. My QEST Scholarship is a rare opportunity to focus entirely on mastery, and to develop my skills further, so that I can pass them on down the line.


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