Tom Nicholls

2011 QEST Scholar - Stone Carving

Tom is a London based sculptor and stone carver who has been producing sculptural work to the highest standard for over 15 years. He has won the prestigious “Carver of the Year” Awards in 2013 from both the Master Carvers’ Association and the Worshipful Company of Masons. Tom also received the “Highly Commended” Award for Craftsmanship at the Stone Federation of Great Britain Awards in 2016 for his carving work. As well as being a highly respected craftsman, he is also known for his ability to design and create sculptures that are uniquely his own whilst remaining true to his clients’ vision. Creating work to suit any site or context, Tom has completed various high profile architectural and public sculpture commissions.

In my most successful work I seek to capture the beauty and movement found in underlying form.