Wayne Meeten
Goldsmith/Silversmith/Japanese craftsmanship
Metal Work
Pamela De Tristan Scholar
Spring | 2014

Wayne Meeten was given the unique opportunity to travel to Japan and study the rare craft of Japanese Inlay Zougan and Line Inlay Kensaki. He is the first British craftsperson to be given this rare opportunity to be taught by master Katsura-Morihito, where he will gain skills that cannot be taught within the UK. His QEST Scholarship will fund four courses at the Metal Hearts Japanese Craft School in Tokyo over the course of two years. During his training he will gain skills in both Zougan (inlay) and chokin (metal carving),

A skilled jeweller and metal smith, Wayne holds a BA and an MA in Jewellery, Silversmithing, Design and Allied Crafts from Sir John Cass London Guildhall University. Additionally he has a Post Graduate qualification from the Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music where he became trained in Mokume Gane and Shibori Advance metalworking. Since graduating from his MA in 2000, Wayne has been self-employed, creating contemporary one-off vessels and sculptural pieces hand crafted in Britannia Silver and Mokume Gane with fine Japanese hammer fluting from a single flat sheet of metal. He also makes fine jewellery with gemstones, a craft he learnt as an apprentice from the age of sixteen, working in the Brighton Lanes.

Waynes’ lifetime work has been striving towards this opportunity. He approached Katsura-Morihito years ago but has only just got to the point in his career now where his work is at a high enough standard to receive instruction by him. Once proficient in these skills, he plans to pass this knowledge on to future generations of silversmiths training in his Devon studio, in order to sustain this specialist craft within the UK. This opportunity to progress his career would not be made possible without the funding provided by QEST.


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