Gillian Stewart

2018 QEST Jenifer Emery Scholar - Bookbinding

Gillian’s QEST Jenifer Emery Scholarship funded a year of one-to-one tuition with Designer Bookbinder Fellow Tom McEwan. This tuition focused on fine binding, advanced leatherwork and design, and subsequently Gillian has gone on to become a prizewinning bookbinder and Licentiate of Designer Bookbinders. In addition, Gillian travelled to Centre Del Bel Libro in Switzerland to learn innovative book structures from Kylin Lee, learning about contemporary materials such as carbon rods and Tyvek. Gillian travelled to Italy to study with Professione Libro, learning about the Tomorrows Past conservation approach from Kathy Abbott in 2018. She returned in 2019 to learn about magnetic closures from Nadine Werner and Cristina Balbiano D’Aramengo.

Finally, Gillian was funded to attend the Society of Bookbinders Bi-Annual Seminar in 2018. This series of lectures and demonstrations was incredibly useful, and Gillian acted as a helper for the weekend which allowed her to meet many bookbinders and gain experience.  She now runs her own bookbinding studio in Glasgow, Juju Books.

Gillian is interested in communicating ideas, exploring materials and adopting contemporary and innovative approaches to traditional processes. With a background in illustration and printmaking, she approaches each book as a collaborative process, with the bookbinder being one important part a long line of processes.