Hannah Waldron

2018 QEST Scholar - Tapestry Weaving

Weaving complements the grid-based images of Cornwall-based artist and designer Hannah. Her narrative-led designs are applied across a range of print textiles, including ‘Furoshiki’ (wrapping cloth) by LINK, a Japanese collective that works with artists from around the world.

Hannah travelled to Japan with her QEST Scholarship for a course in ‘Kasuri’ (a technique where threads are bound before dying to create patterns in the woven cloth) at Kawashima Textile School in Kyoto and research at local workshops and museums. In Tokyo, Hannah also visited a specialist in ‘Chu-sen’ screenprinting for ‘Tenugui’ (cotton hand towels) with LINK, for ideas to expand their collaboration.

“Although Hannah’s weaves consistently adhere to the grid design, the compositions are creatively liberating, feeling more like hand-drawings rather than complexly woven patterns. The “architectural elements, stacks of shape, repeating vertical lines and rich colour palette elevate the designs” from the methodical weaving techniques to an engrossing sense of place.”

QEST Sanderson Rising Star Craft Award

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