Mia Sarosi

2004 QEST Scholar - Ceramics

Mia has been making and painting ceramics since 1991. She received a QEST Scholarship in 2004 and now works from her Oxfordshire studio in Chalgrove. She supplies a range of shops, galleries, museum and other organisations across the UK as well as undertaking private commissions.

Her bespoke projects include work for The British Museum’s Hokusai exhibition and Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece: The Courtauld Gallery’s Rodin and Dance and Bloomsbury Group exhibitions.

I am interested in the relationship between art and functionality in the vessels we use in our homes every day. They are not intended as gallery pieces , but as useable art. May past influences, including Delftware and country pottery production principles result in fully considered forms and decoration, but expressed with freedom and looseness. Above all i respect my medium of porcelain for its beautiful white colour and durability, the best ground to show my brushwork decoration in all its forms.