QEST Scholars Feature in Two New Exhibitions at the ICA in Milan

8th July 2019
Garniture II

The ICA in Milan is currently holding two ceramic art exhibitions which feature the work of QEST Scholars.

The collective exhibition Nuovi Canoni (Towards New Canons) – Ceramics and Contemporary Art in Great Britain includes work by 2012 QEST Scholar Matthew Warner. The exhibition shows the complexity and liveliness of different approaches to ceramic sculpture, combining works by six contemporary ceramicists. Warner’s work is widely admired for its elegant functionality and included in the exhibition is his Garniture II, revival vases inspired by Wedgewood which reference the tradition of collecting. Early garnitures were personal collections of pots often displayed on mantelpieces. Warner explores the balance, proportion and integrity of composition within his work and he believes the objects we choose to collect are a reflection of our own ideologies.

Equivalenze (Equivalence) by 2004 QEST Scholar and one of the UK’s top potters, Julian Stair, emphasises the juxtaposition of contrasting scales in order to highlight the formal quality of the object. The show investigates the functionality of everyday objects such as tea cups, vases and mugs of different shapes by displaying them in unexpected proportions.

Both exhibitions are open until 15 September 2019.