Otis Ingrams

2018 QEST Leathersellers' Company Scholar - Leatherwork

Otis started leatherworking as a hobby whilst he was studying for a BA in English Literature. He soon found himself spending all his money of leather and all his time cutting and stitching.

After two years’ practice, he was accepted for an internship at Bill Amberg Studio, an experience which developed his skills and confirmed his passion. In 2013, Otis founded OTZI leather design studio, working with interior designers, artists and brands to create unique, functional pieces. He has also completed an MA in Product & Furniture Design at Kingston University.

Working to individual briefs, OTZI promotes close working relationships with designers, interior designers, artists, makers and brands to create unique and functional pieces. OTZI facilitates the making of both small and large quantities for private and commercial purposes, believing both handmade and mass produced products demand an equal level of design and craft.

In 2017 Otis published LeatherWorks: Traditional Craft for Modern Living.