Melissa White

2007 QEST Scholar - Decorative Arts
East Sussex

Melissa came to decorative interiors from an unconventional direction, specialising in reproducing Elizabethan wall paintings and painted cloths in the tradition of the craftsmen known as “painter stainers”. The QEST Scholarship she received in 2007 allowed her to further develop her practice within this beguiling genre, researching and reproducing rare designs for museums and historic houses and adapting them for modern tastes. At the same time her inherent love of surface pattern and an open-minded and inquisitive approach to decoration have made for fruitful collaborations. These include artwork, fabrics and wallpapers for Zoffany, Lewes & Wood, Kit Kemp, Fortnum & Mason, Buckingham Palace and Bergdorf Goodman, Le Bon Marche and more.

My signature style is to capture a historic, artisanal and painterly feel that has its roots in the wall paintings of old. My paintwork is often aged and distressed to distance it from the new and mass produced, adding what I call “the patination of time”.